Square Business Cards

When you need to stand out or just get noticed, our square business cards help you to do just that, available in a range of materials and thicknesses, these square business cards will set you apart from the rest.

Square Business Cards

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Square Kraft Business Cards - Greenlizzard Print

300gsm Brown kraft

from £37

300gsm Kraft Business Cards

Recycled Uncoated Square Business Cards

350gsm Square Recycled

from £31

350gsm Recycled Business Cards

350gsm Kraft Business Cards - Greenlizzard Print

400gsm SIlk

from £30.30

400gsm Square Business Cards

400gsm Square Uncoated Business Cards - Greenlizzard Print

400gsm Uncoated

from £19.95

400gsm Uncoated Business Cards

810gsm Triplex Business Cards - Greenlizzard Print

810gsm Triplex

from £30.20
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810gsm Triplex Business Cards

Square Magnetic Business Cards - Greenlizzard Print

300gsm Square Magnetic Business Cards

from £52.50

300gsm Magnetic Business Cards

Be a cool customer with our extensive range of square business cards. Measuring just 55 x 55mm square business cards are nice and compact. Ideal for customer thank you cards or a great way to convey your client’s contact details. With a massive 10 stocks to choose from, there really is a card for every occasion. 

Classic: 400gsm silk with gloss, matt and soft-touch lamination, 400gsm Uncoated. These stocks have your bases covered whether you want a business card or something writeable. 

Eco: 300gsm Brown Kraft, 350gsm Recycled Uncoated. The perfect choice for a rustic design, a must for the environmentally conscious.

Magnetic: 300gsm Magnetic paper, add lamination for increased durability and protection. 

Textured: 250gsm Rives Shetland, 350gsm Rives Tweed, 350gsm Rives Dot. These premium textured papers will make your card stand out. Create a minimal design to allow the texture of the paper to show through and capture attention from your audience. 

Ultra-thick: 810gsm Triplex Kraft, 810gsm Triplex Uncoated. These colour core papers offer the next level of luxury and come in a choice of 11 core colours. When choosing triplex, we recommend adding lamination if your design has a full bleed background. This will protect your design and show it off in the best light time after time.